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The Levsha Company

The Levsha CompanyThe Levsha Company is a large supplier of guns in North-West Russia. Being the first to have started business in St. Petersburg in 1992, today it is a big company including gun stores, a gun maintenance shop, a shooting gallery, a hunting and fishing travel agency, a Hunting-Weapon Club with the club restaurant. The Levsha co-operates actively with many foreign and domestic manufacturers of hunting and sporting guns as well as with companies, which produce ammunition, optics, self-defence devices, knives, clothes, footwear, hunting and fishing equipment, souvenirs. We do our utmost to provide our customers with maximum services.

Besides retail activity the Levsha is one of the largest wholesalers of hunting firearms, ammunition, optics, hunting garments and accessories. The Levsha CompanyWe work with regional dealers from all over the Russia. Our clients are from around St. Petersburg and Moscow, from Central and Southern Russia, the Caucasus and Volga-Ural region, Siberia and up to Far East. Our regional partners highly value our service since we can help both amateur and professional hunters to be properly equipped for hunting in any conditions: from deserts and up to Arctic Circle, in the open steppe or deep in the forest, high in the mountains or in everglades.

The Weapon Centre

The largest gun store in North-West Russia, a real gun supermarket, is located in the historical centre of St. Petersburg. Beginners or experienced hunters can find here everything they may need. In the gun department there are various models of rifles and shotguns and ammunition. The Levsha CompanyWe propose both wide range of standard machine made firearms and exclusive bespoke handmade masterpieces.

There is wide selection of knifes, replicas and decorative arms. Optics department is considered the best in the city. Goods for outdoor activities and all sorts of clothes, footwear and accessories are offered here.

Tula Arms Gun store

One of the first gun stores in St.-Petersburg. One can find wide selection of guns and ammunition here.

The Levsha Company

Gun Maintenance Shop

The workshop is located in the premises of The Weapon Centre. Its qualified gunsmiths were trained at Merkel, Browning and Sako. They make all kinds of repairs and maintenance of guns, finding the range of scopes, cleaning, lubricating of firearms and fixing scopes. Qualified experts can examine technical condition of firearms. This is the only workshop in the city holding the license for that kind of works.

Shooting gallery

Opportunity of all kinds of shooting: airguns, shotguns, rifles, service arms and crossbows. Finding the range of scopes and shooting classes with qualifiedThe Levsha Company instructors.

The Hunting and Weapon Club

Having the goal of reviving hunting traditions in 1998 the Levsha initiated foundation of the Hunting and Weapon Club in St. Petersburg. Being the region's public organization St. Petersburg Hunting and Weapon Club was founded as a volunteer group who share common interests in hunting, weapons, who love nature and outdoor activities.

The Club has earned great reputation and is popular with the city hunters. Our Club joins for about 2000 members. The Club supports development of the region's hunting industry, increases hunting awareness in the area of proper The Levsha Companyand safe use of weapons, encourages shooting competitions.

The Club restaurant

In accordance with hunting and club traditions St. Petersburg Hunting and Weapon Club opened Club Restaurant. The Club holds regular conferences for its members in the Club restaurant. Relaxed atmosphere, interior and cuisine make it popular with the citizens of the city.

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